Here's Teresa!

I’m thrilled to introduce complentary thereapist Teresa Barron, who wil be joining me at Oxford Street from next week,. Teresa has many years experience, both as a highly qualified complemenatry therapist and as a nurse. Here’s what she has to say………..

“My aim is to treat you holistically, effectively and efficiently. In order to tailor the treatment that’s right for your needs, I use one or a combination of complementary therapies: Emmett Technique, Holistic and Clinical Aromatherapy, Clinical Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph Draining (RLD), Scar Work (MSTR), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Massage, Indian head massage, Flower Remedies. These treatments work on every level – body, mind, emotion and spiritual.

 25 years experience of nursing and as a complementary practitioner in a variety of clinical settings, has given me the knowledge and intuition to use these therapies and techniques for your benefit.

 I’m iinspired by how effective the techniques I use are (often immediately so) and the transformations I see in my clients from their easier, smoother movements, pain relief, quicker healing emotionally and physically, to seeing them achieve things they never thought they would.

I am an Emm-Tech Course Tutor and Emmett for Dogs Instructor and have great fun sharing this incredible technique and seeing others witnessing its results!

 I believe that regular treatments to relax, re-balance and nurture are essential for us to live as healthily and happily as possible. At times we may need more frequent support in order to cope with the greater stresses that life and ill-health can bring.

 I am passionate about collaboration and work with other health professionals in an integrated way. I work and have worked in clinics of complementary medicine, Cancer Care Centres, GP surgeries, sports centres, psychiatric and general hospitals, Social Services, Retail and Occupational Health Services. I also teach a module on complementary therapies for medical students at Leeds University School of Medicine.

 “The Natural Force within each of us is the greatest healer of disease”   Hippocrates
All of these treatments aim to awaken the body’s own incredible natural defences and healing abilities. People often find that they have an affinity with one or two particular therapies, but can benefit from all at some time or another. After a consultation we will discuss what treatment is best for you at that time. Some people are very clear what they’d like, what works for them and others prefer me to guide them. Either is fine.”

Teresa Barron - Sage Complementary Therapies

Specialising in Pain-relief, Balance and Function

Advanced Emmett Practitioner and EMM-Tech Tutor

Emmett 4 Dogs Instructor

RESS Lecturer for University of Leeds Medical School

07557 734285